About us

audifon hearing systems


We engineer quality of life
audifon is the only hearing aid manufacturer that develops and produces 100% in Germany. From research and development to serial production - every hearing system is German engineered through and through. audifon belongs to the KIND-Group, market leader in hearing aid acoustics in Germany. This is why we are familiar with
the daily challenges that acousticians face. We know the market and understand your needs and the needs of your customers. We incorporate this extensive knowledge in research and development of new audifon hearing systems.


Product philosophy


We understand the market and your needs
We do not simply develop hearing systems. Our products are enable people all over the world to hear better and take an active part in life again. We strongly believe, that the best hearing system can only achieve the best results because of your service and fitting knowledge - end become the user's individualized hearing solution.
It is a passion for the improvement of life that we at audifon continue to develop. We seek out the technology for you to offer the best possible fitting outcomes and give your costumers back their quality of life.
With audifon's full range of hearing devices and accessories you always have an ideal solution for the needs of your customers.