Hearing Systems Wings Chip Technology

The wireless chip

The wireless technology continues to influence our daily live. Wireless devices become more commonplace every day. This development is taking place also in the hearing systems. The connectivity to the smartphone and other devices is possible. We want to introduce this proven technology and its benefits.

The Wings chip is a wireless technology fully integrated with Bluetooth and 2.4 Ghz wireless frequency combine with many advanced and proved audiological features.


Wireless Features


Wireless Streaming
Media Streaming and receiving a phone call directly onto your Wings hearing systems is easier than ever with a smartphone. Use the audifon App to freely adjust the microphone input from the hearing system to reduce background noise until the sound quality of the media source is optimal for the user.

Binaural Synchronisation
The Scene Detect feature will automatically detect different sound situations and synchronise the settings binaurally to achieve optimal hearing comfort. These adjustments on the audifon hearing systems occur adaptively and automatically without the user's input.

Binaural Synchronisation can work for these settings:

  • Detecting different sound situations

  • Directionality of microphones

  • TRT module with different sound wave settings

Control settings like volume and memory programs are shared wireless between both hearing systems. With easyclick, adjustments made on the rocker switch of the hearing system on one side will be automatically transmitted and received to the other side so that both hearing systems maintain the same settings.

Wireless programming
Programming with NOAHlink Wireless means adjusting audifon hearing systems is so easy and comfortable. Users will come to appreciate the wireless freedom during each fine tuning consultation.