kami ITE

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Sleek and discreet design on the outside – 12 WDRC-Channels, up to 4 programs and the latest feedback cancellation on the inside: audifon kami represents all that is important in modern hearing system technology.

All kami hearing systems feature an integrated Tinnitus-Module that offers the best precondition for tinnitus therapies.

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  • 10k HD Sound
  • Adaptive Sound Zoom
  • Sound Zoom
  • Adaptive Noise Guard
  • Expansion (Squelch)
  • Wind Shield
  • Adaptive Feedback Guard
  • Feedback Check
  • 12 WDRC-Channels
  • Multi Channel MPO
  • Up to 4 Programs
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Start-up Delay
  • Data Logging
  • Live View
  • MySound!
  • Options: Amplification V50/V60/V70, Battery size 312/13, Switch, Volume control, Auto T-Coil/Auto Phone, T-Coil, Tinnitus-Module, Windscreen/Microphoneshield